We Support Fundraisers

Thinking about where to throw your fundraiser? Your search is over! Our back patio can cater to any event, including up to 300 people. Coyote wants to help you, call today to see how we may be able to donate to your fundraiser financials.  ğŸ’¸
Call us today at 716.312.1860

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4/8 - 4/13  Drink of the Week is Berry Mint Margarita

drink of the week

* Update * Student Discount 

Don't stress over a test. Take a break & enjoy this 15% off discount. *New* discount is now included for ECC Students with proper ID.

student discount

Our Food Truck is ready for the season!

New exciting things for us! Our food truck is out and about today, showing off it's fresh custom wrap. Check out the vibrant colors and design. We are ready for a awesome food truck season.

 Let us know what you think! 

If you haven't already, call us to book our food truck for any event. Call us at 716.312.1030