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Take- Out Packs & Specials - Take Out Packs & Specials
Coyote Cafe

Enchilada Pack


6 Enchiladas (flour or corn shells), choice of 2 proteins, 2 sides, 1/2 pt. of sauce, 1/2 lb. of chips, 1/2 pt. of salsa, and 1/2 pt. of chile con queso

Serves 4-6 people

1/2 LB of Chips 1/2 PT of Salsa 1/2 PT of Queso
Shells:Corn Flour
Choose 2 Fillings:Braised chicken Chicken fajitas Chorizo (Taco Meat) Machacas (Braised Beef) Carnitas (Pulled Pork) Steak Fajitas
Choose 2 Side Dishes:Sopa de Fideo Spanish Rice Mexican Potatoes Refried Beans Black Beans
Sauces:Mild Rojo Hot Green Chili Sauce Red Enchilada Chile Con Queso Queso Blan Green Chile

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